Initially I had some reservations about attending the Masteringcourse.com online mastering course as it was something I had hoped to do in person. As it turned out it was fantastic being able to sit in my own workspace with the monitors I know so well, the hi-definition streaming software used made all of the listening exercises really straight forward.

Russ and Paul were fantastic throughout, these guys really know their subject and are only too happy to pass on their decades worth of knowledge in the field. After years of mastering my own material, I had complied a huge list of questions which they took the time to clarify for me.

I now have a lot more direction and renewed confidence in my approach, the difference in my results speaks volumes. I could not recommend this course highly enough for anyone that wants to understand about mastering - It was completely engaging, fun and great value for money. Thanks again Russ and Paul for a fantastic weekend.”

Mark Smith, Phatmastered

"Informative and fun, I learned a huge amount from the mastering weekend course. Paul and Russ are excellent tutors who bring with them a wealth of hands-on industry experience. Their advice and knowledge have been invaluable to me and my studio projects, and I would definitely recommend the course to anyone looking to improve their all-round production and listening skills as well as the dark art of mastering."

Kate Isaac, Legal Studios

"This course gives a great overview of the most essential audio mastering techniques and processes. Before the course I had already played around with different techniques, but I felt that everything I did was just inefficient. Russ and Paul give an in depth overview about what mastering is, why it’s important and capabilities of different software. By starting from the beginning, I could make great improvements to my processes, discover tips and tricks and get much more comfortable with mastering my own recordings for my role as a studio sound engineer."

Dom Smith, Oxford Media Factory & formerly Melrose Yard Studios

"Mastering is a dark art, they say. No, it's not. Russ and Paul showed me that, and what's more, they did so engaginly and in a fun manner. The weekend was filled with info that helps you see music differently, not just as a musician or mixer... But that info also assists you in how to approach mix decisions prior, and also what to look for in different styles when mastering. Thoroughly recommended. "

Rico Garofalo, Lasperanza & The Downlight Studio

"Russ Hepworth-Sawyer and Paul Baily are truly masters of the craft, anyone interested in the field of mastering need to attend this, as I once did"

Mark Midgley, Northern Mastering

"Russ and Paul have great knowledge and experience, both very different, and they share their expertise with great enthusiasm and passion. The facilities are top class and the sessions well-paced and structured. I learnt techniques that I could use straight away and continue to use, not just for mastering. The atmosphere was friendly and supportive and a great chance to network and discuss with other audio pros."

Chris Duffill, acoustician and composer/producer

"Russ Hepworth-Sawyer & Paul Baily are absolute top blokes! From start to finish, this was a fantastic course. Be prepared for Baily's hilarious anecdotes from his time at Abbey Road whilst Russ preps the next task. We all had such a fun and informative weekend. Our group was made up of candidates ranging from those with no experience of mastering whatsoever, to people who have already dabbled in the dark arts and even worked with advanced restoration techniques. Russ & Baily would demonstrate and discuss and then put us to task in groups on what we had learned. The tasks were both relevant and challenging and backed up with solid theory. Everything Russ and Baily demonstrated or taught us was up for discussion and the guys were open to questions at any time. This was a great way of learning. My favourite elements of the course were learning about DDP, transferable skills for using any DAW, restoration, fixing common & not-so-common issues and discussing how to make the best of the equipment we already have. In the breaks, Russ and Baily were really friendly and approachable and would answer any questions we had and could certainly make a bloody good cuppa! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in mastering, no matter what their level of experience!"

John Kershaw, LIPA Sixth Form College