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Course Details for online classes

Now in our 10th year!

Covid 19 has changed the way everyone does business, except mastering engineers really. Ok we might be having a few less clients sitting in on sessions, but that was something of a novelty in recent years. However, our courses have run physically for the past decade and Russ & Paul have made some great friends from previous students over that time.

We now realise that this pandemic is not going away any time soon, so we are responding to the change and we're going to offer our Learn Mastering course online as a weekend event.

The cost for the weekend will be £79 and you'll need to be free for the full weekend. You'll also need some basic equipment to make this happen:

  • a digital audio workstation of choice (if you've not got one, please download www.reaper.fm))

  • a decent pair of headphones. Please contact us for advice on this.

  • a solid internet connection

  • a webcam for communication

  • a microphone for communication

  • some unmastered music (not essential)


Yes - bring your own music and we'll look to master some of it with you. This is a great way to see how to review your mixing and your mastering when you go home. If we, for whatever, don't get time. Russ and Paul, after the course, will happily master one track using Reaper/Ozone later to share with you to analyse what we've done and why.

We have a catalogue of pre-mastered music you can use. Our clients and previous students have been kind and permitted us to use this material.

The Running Order

The following is a rough outline of what we'll cover. More details will be given when we meet.

  • Welcome

  • History & context of mastering

  • Listening frameworks for analysis (with set examples)

  • Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) discussion: WaveLab, Pyramix, ProTools, Reaper and any other DAW

  • Ozone introduction

  • Tools of the trade (compression/limiting/EQ/other tools!)

  • Mastering approaches and destination discussion

  • Pyramix demonstration & let's begin mastering together

    • transferring those approaches to other DAWs

  • Discussion about results

  • Mastering task and workshop

  • Plenary discussion to close


We try to give you some goodies when you come to us:

  • A copy of Wavelab v10- LE to use

  • A timed trial copy of Ozone 9 Advanced

  • A Reaper DAW Template (with standard shipped Cockos plugins)