About Russ & Paul

Paul Baily

After completing a BA in Music at Newcastle and a Master’s degree in composition at Durham, Re:Sound’s founder, Paul Baily, began his career at BBC Radio York (still recording and editing on analogue tape in those days!). He joined EMI’s Abbey Road Studios in London as a classical editor and, by the time he left in 2000, was in charge of classical music post production. Initially trained using analogue equipment, he has seen the emergence of multitudes of digital formats over his 35 years in the industry. The artists he has worked with are too numerous to mention and span genres including classical, film, jazz, folk and popular music.

Russ Hepworth-Sawyer

Russ experienced many areas of audio before settling on audio mastering forming MOTTOsound in 2003. Russ is an active member of the Audio Engineering Society and is the co-chair of the AES UK's Mastering Group. Russ is a former board member of the Music Producer’s Guild where he helped form their Mastering Group. Russ' regular clients include Warner Brothers, Universal, as well as countless artists across many genres, but those into acoustic performed music appear to like what he does! Russ also spends his time writing and researching all things audio mastering and has written several books on the subject with Routledge and also several magazine articles for the likes of Sound On Sound, Music Tech Magazine and Pro Sound News Europe.